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Zanzibar Islands is an amazing home for beach tours and holidays in the whole of East Africa


Come and explore Zanzibar with us! We offer tours and excursions for every aspect of Zanzibar. From exciting land to fascinating sea excursions, we created and thoroughly prepared something for everyone, to introduce to you the history and culture, but also the flora & fauna of the island.

If you’re looking for some me-time on a private island or want to indulge in the luxurious amenities of fancy hotels, and lodges Zanzibar’s got a little something for everyone! Our holiday ideas are designed to give you a flavor of the things to do in Zanzibar. This trip will take you to the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar, the ancient stone town.

3 Days 2 Nights Zanzibar Holiday

Many of our guests choose to bookend their safari with time in Zanzibar, creating one of the most perfect holidays imaginable. Whether you’re going to Zanzibar for a getaway, your honeymoon, or a safari, Zanzibar offers you lots to do and see. Book a Zanzibar Island holiday vacation package today.

4 Days 3 Nights Zanzibar Holiday

We organize the tour of Zanzibar islands for family vacations, honeymoon holiday, romantic holiday and all-inclusive holidays. 3 nights stay delivers the best and comfortable holiday where you will experience the spice farm in Zanzibar.

Want to relax on the beautiful sandy beaches of Zanzibar?

We've got holiday vacation packages for exclusive Zanzibar Beach Tours.

Expert Knowledge

As a local Tanzania tour Operator, our in-depth knowledge of the wild helps you get closer to the action. Traveling with local experts gives you an insider.

Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbing

We offer private climbs to the highest peaks in Africa with support of an experienced team. Let our team take you on a private climb to the summit.

Best Price Guarantee

With our Best Rates Guarantee, you can be confident that you are booking at the best possible price. If you discover a lower cost anywhere we will match it.

Cultural Experience

Through a cultural tour, we aim to connect you with an experience that show cases the local culture in a respectful way, that is also beneficial for both sides.