Natural Wonders & Tourist Attractions

Visit stunning natural wonders and cultural tourist attractions that will leave you breathless when you plan a trip to Tanzania, Africa, with Morogoro Tourism Services Co. Ltd., Why wait? Research shows that the average person has traveled to 17 cities or towns. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your number in a memorable way.

Natural Wonders
Tanzania is home to an amazing variety of wildlife and natural wonders. From the Udzungwa Park to the Ngorongoro Crater, you can experience some beautiful locations. These include:

The Serengeti National Park
Game Reserves
Indian Ocean Beaches on the Island of Zanzibar
Mount Kilimanjaro, the Tallest Mountain in Africa
Mount Uluguru Lake Victoria, the Largest Lake in Africa
Lake Tanganyika, the Longest Lake in Africa
Olduvai Gorge, Home of the Bones of the First Man on Earth

Historical & Cultural Attractions
If your interests are more cultural than natural, have our guides take you to meet the native people of Tanzania, where you can mingle with the group and observe their customs. There are two tribes here that have kept their traditional ways of life: the Masai and the Hadzabe. Other cultural activities you can participate in include:

Visiting Museums & Historic Sites
Shopping for Local Crafts Attending a Festival
Climbing a Mountain Taking a City Tour